These trailers aired on Fox Nights to promote the first episode of NKC. The scenes shown in the trailer were censored incase it aired near the end of the block, when kids would be waking up.

First trailer

  • [dramatic music starts playing]
  • Announcer: From the creator of Dunces and Dragons!
  • Sir Patrick: Cool! We’re back in the past!
  • Announcer: Comes a new adventure!
  • Customer: The Bikini Bottom Government are thinking of increasing the taxes!
  • SpongeBob: [screaming] No!
  • Announcer: NKC! Starts Friday as part of New Midnight! Only on Fox Nights!
  • Austin: Hi am I on the air?
  • Bob: Yep.
  • Austin: [censor bleep]! [call is dropped]
  • Bob: Thanks.


Dr. Pig and SpongeBot

  • Dr. Pig: SpongeBot678, I diagnose you, with robot. [audience claps]
  • SpongeBot678: You're racist.

Patrick gets high

  • Patrick: Hold on, let me get high then I will remember. [lights a joint, and the looney tunes theme plays]


  • Rex: I am PenisMan! [generic superhero music plays as the Fox Nights logo appears]